The Association

The British Ambulance Association seeks to work with its members, the UK government and legislative bodies, Care Quality Commission, the department of health and NHS to represent the views and issues in the independent and private sector.

The British Ambulance Association will seek to have representation on committees and working parties where it feels it can positively contribute towards excellence.

The association seeks to provide subject specialists from the industry and its membership to assist the sector and its members towards best practice and collaborative working.

Recent changes

The British Ambulance Association was set up in 1997 by the late Don Williams. Don was a clear voice in the independent and private ambulance sector debating and forwarding the view of the sector with Central & local government the department of Health and NHS organisations.

With Dons passing the association was passed to Mr Roger Fuller to continue. It has been decided to re brand and re launch the association so it is fit for purpose and to encourage a much larger membership, which in turn will allow members of the independent and private ambulance services in the UK to have a collective voice and say.

Leadership Team

Carl Penny