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British Ambulance Association Relaunch

Posted on Mar 15, 2018

After the sad passing away of Our Founder Mr Don Williams, it was decided after a suitable period of mourning that The British Ambulance Association would be relaunched and rebranded. Don as many of You will fondly remember was a larger than life character would never took a step back to promote the BAA and protect not only the image of the BAA , but most importantly protect the membership. MP`s had been known to quiver in fear , not at the thought of giving a speech in Parliament, but at facing the wrath of Our Don.
With an eye towards the passion and professionalism that Don promoted in His image. We have established an Executive Committee to relaunch the BAA and bring it up to date.
The committee members are introduced on the main page of Our new website. But just as a further introduction they are :-

Chairperson - Roger Fuller
Vice Chairperson - Carl Penny
Membership Secretary - Suraj Salan

We are a cross match of the membership with the BAA professional status and Our membership as a passion and goal. It is now Our remit to not only increase the membership of the BAA, but also ensure that members receive advantageous offers and savings from professional services who will advertise with Us. Please feel free to contact Me if You have any thoughts or ideas in relation to services that We could approach for the benefit of All members.

The New British Ambulance Association

Posted on Oct 30, 2017

It has been decided to re brand and re launch the association so it is fit for purpose and to encourage a much larger membership, which in turn will allow members of the independent and private ambulance services in the UK to have a collective voice and say.