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About Us

The Association

The British Ambulance Association seeks to work with its members, the UK government and legislative bodies, Care Quality Commission, the department of health and NHS to represent the views and issues in the independent and private sector.

The British Ambulance Association will seek to have representation on committees and working parties where it feels it can positively contribute towards excellence.

The association seeks to provide subject specialists from the industry and its membership to assist the sector and its members towards best practice and collaborative working.

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Team Members

Carl Penny (web).jpg

Carl Penny


Carl Penny is a HCPC Paramedic with an extensive ex NHS Career. Carl joined West Sussex Ambulance Service in 1991 working on PTS he transferred to Surrey Ambulance Service working on the private ambulance division, after training at the West Midlands Ambulance training centre Pelsall became an ambulance technician. Carl completed NHSTA Paramedic training in 2000 and has worked in 2 of the 3 SECAMB Emergency Operations Centres as an advanced dispatcher.

Carl has qualified in MIMMs, HEMS Crewmember & attended the London HEMS HCC Course. A keen motorcyclist saw him attend and pass the SWAST & Dorset police Motorcycle response course. A winner of the ASI Gardener award for best trauma case in the UK.

Carl has been the contract manager for Initial Facilities and ran the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust Vehicle Preparation & Make Ready service pan London. He also assisted in the start up and development of Medic Now the ambulance staffing agency.

Now the Clinical Operations Director of Medi4 Ambulance Services.

Carl in his leisure time is a keen yachtsman and sailing dingy racer. He is involved as an officer in the Royal Marine Cadets overseeing the Sussex and Surrey areas.

Carl has a passion to Elevating the profile of the BAA and its rebranding, He believes that the BAA can be a strong and stable voice of the independent ambulance sector and an authority to be referred to by all. He firmly believes that the members can work collaboratively to build a better independent ambulance sector.

Suj Salan (web).png

Suraj Salan

New Members

In 2010 Suraj opened Air Med Transport limited. With just one vehicle he began to work up and down the country making new clients and providing ambulance services for other ambulance services. In the last seven years he has grown his fleet to eight vehicles and has kept a reputation where clients keep coming back for business.


Suraj has the advantage of being in the centre of Birmingham and therefore can get anywhere north or south of the country quite quickly due to being close to the motorway network. Suraj is also a firefighter with 14 years of service.

Suraj has a proven track record with clients and has memberships with the local chambers of commerce along with close ties with local NHS and private hospitals.


Suraj gained CQC registration in 2014 as soon as he moved to larger premises and is now thriving to grow not only his own firm but also to provide help and support to all members of the British Ambulance association. As a regional rep he promises to come and speak with any member who may have any issues with ambulance service business.

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